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My main goal in leading businesses is to help people grow. I accomplish this by increasing employee satisfaction, revenue, and net-income simultaneously. I have helped almost 100 startups, multiple multimillion-dollar corporations (and one multibillion-dollar corporation), and many micro-businesses on four continents expand and succeed. From the bottom up and from the top-down, my strategies have initiated positive institutional changes resulting in the inculcation of new cultural and economic practices.  

From intern, to associate, to specialist, to manager, to regional manager, to CEO – I have firsthand experience navigating corporate structures and the impact which they have on employee morale and productivity. Some of my specialized skills include:

  • Systemic Structure
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Outcome Measurement
  • Employee engagement

If you’re seeking a fresh and research-based perspective on how to increase your company’s bottom-line, how to create a healthier work environment, or how your philanthropic efforts can see greater outcomes, don’t hesitate to contact me.